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For decades the Black Sea Coast has rightfully been the most popular, the most preferred and the most visited Bulgarian destination, owing to the remarkable qualities of the region: 380 km of beaches, 240 – 300 hours of sunshine in the summer season, average daily temperature of the air – 23 – 25oC and of the water 23 – 25oC. Renowned world-famous resorts in Bulgaria offer excellent quality products at affordable prices, supreme conditions, All Inclusive packages and various entertainment. In the surroundings one can enjoy the beautiful scenery with a rich flora and fauna, dense forests and numerous of mineral springs. The cultural history of the Black Sea coastline is very rich and ancient and there are so many evidences and vestiges from the past of highly developed civilizations settling and dwelling in these areas thousands of years ago: marks of ancient cities, sites of ancient towns, fortresses, ruins and necropolis, preserved parts of the old Hellenic culture columns and Thracian cultural centres as well as many medieval fortresses.

The Pearl of the Black Sea

Situated in a beautiful Black Sea bay, Varna, the second largest city in Bulgaria by population, is an attractive place for holding congresses, conferences, scientific and business events. The combination of congress facilities in the city, a nearby airport, modern hotels in the Golden Sands and the St. Constantine resorts, a gorgeous beach strip, and numerous historical and cultural attractions in the area, are all a strong prerequisite for the city to be chosen for the venue of your next business event.

Incentive possibilities:

• Exclusive dinner at the ex-royal palace Euxinovgrad
• Yachting to a virgin beach and picnic in the nature
• Folklore dinner with unique fire dance show
• Pirate`s party on a replica of Columbus first ship
• Horse riding
• Wine tasting in a chateaux
• Monorail ride through the salterns of Atanasovsko lake Reserve.
• Boat trip over the river with snacks and drinks

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Team building activities:

  • Beach Olympics
  • Survivor theme competition in an isolated beach
  • Jeep Treasure hunting
  • Pirates party
  • Parasailing
  • Yacht Regatta
  • Visit an authentic Bulgarian village and boiling of typical Bulgarian brandy “rakiya” and traditional gastronomy masterclass
  • Visit the most popular Bulgarian sea resorts.

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