The most valuable resource in each company is the people. People who help the company to achieve its targets, people who want to feel valuable and important, people who need to be motivated to show their best.
A well organized and held Incentive travel program is one of the most effective methods to stimulate your employees, customers or suppliers to exceed their efficiency and keep their loyalty.

We offer a wide range of incentive programs and team building activities, all tailor made, to bring the guests together in unique and different way and to fit the target purpose.

Below are just a few of the activities available through us, please contact us for further ideas:

Sofia is the capital in Europe, uniquely situated in the foothills of a mountain, which gives very easy access from the town to the snow area within only 20 min driving. For team-bonding, we have the ‘Snow Olympics’ – a series of team-building activities full of thrills and chills with football, sledging, ice-sculpting and igloo-building among the highlights. Enjoy the magic hour when the glaring floodlights begin to sweep over the daylight, and night skiing begins. For those who have never tried it before, skiing under the lights is a delightful experience and perfect way to release stress accumulated during the day.
Incentive workshops of Traditional Bulgarian Arts and Crafts, Activities designed for people who love to participate in the creation of something authentic with real beauty. Icon painting – learn the process and participate in the creation of this magical piece of art. Organic Yoghurt self-production – during our Cooking Masterclass one will learn how to produce tick, acid and tasteful bio-yoghurt.

A series of interactive team games as a fun team building activity. Selection decided in consultation with client.

Choice from: Photo Challenge, Treasure Hunt, CSI, Prime Time, Master Spy Game, Music Factory, Soap Box, etc.
For those who want to experience the “high” life, how about from 30,000ft on a private jet? One can fly in style on this custom-built aircraft, enjoying the utmost comfort and sampling gourmet cuisine from one of Bulgaria’s leading chefs in our luxury travel package. Everybody dreams of flying. We suggest you fulfill your dream with paragliding tandem flights – an exciting and unforgettable adventure that you will remember for a long time.

For the adrenaline junkies amongst your workforce, we can organize rafting and canyoning. Bulgaria offers a great variety of thrilling rivers, which in the spring and early summer are suitable for white-water rafting. There is a challenge for everyone – from introduction trips to adrenaline pumping adventure. Besides that there are several wonderful lakes in the southern part of Bulgaria where you can take a canoe or kayak tour in a beautiful landscape!

Off-road jeep and quad bikes safari is an ideal opportunity to experience something out of the ordinary. Great views will captivate you during the trophy full of challenges.

We offer an exciting voyage with a luxurious retro-train used for the so-called “royal” journeys of the monarch and non-royal heads of state, as well as of their accompanying persons. The “CROWN” Express Train is made up of special carriages only and saloon-cars for various functional purposes. It offers comfortable furniture and conditions, and services of high quality rendered by elite staff, for luxury, official, business, tourist, jubilee and attraction tours and travels, for a limited number of passengers.

Nice option for more leisure activity is the Yacht cruise along the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast – a refreshing adventure that will give you a totally different look of Bulgaria. Enjoy the fresh morning breeze and soft sound of the waves. Do not miss a chance to watch the dolphins, swimming around. Wonderful opportunities for diving, sunbathing and fishing. Barbeque lunch on the boat or at a secluded cliff shore. Another option is the adventurous cruise in the sea. The yacht is equipped like a pirate’s ship to make you feel like a real sea robber. “Fight” with another “pirate`s” ship in open sea. Lunch on board.

Animation and a lot of fun! In the area we can also organize Beach Olympics – various activities will be logically connected in a single game and will take place on the beach or in the coastline areas.