We are providing ground services and hotel accommodation for our Clients.
Ground services constitute tourist services planned, organized and executed by us, keeping the right to subcontract any sub-suppliers (referred to as the third parties) for the performance of the services with their facilities, vehicles and staff.
Hotel services are not ground services and their terms and conditions are defined separately.

All our rates are quoted in Euro, including VAT and all local taxes. Rates are always based on the requested number of participants and given dates. We reserve the right to revise the price proposal in case of significant changes in the requirements of the request, any Government tax policy, increase of the fuel cost, excises, etc.

The program and all engagements from our side are considered confirmed once a service agreement is signed by both parties and the first deposit is received. Final program details should be confirmed 30 days prior to the start of the first service. Any additional services after that date are subject to availability and will be billed separately and will constitute an integral part to the main agreement.

The payment schedule and deposits` terms of payment will be discussed on case to case basis, taking into consideration the size and specifics of the requested services, as well as to the contracted documentation with the third parties.
Special terms may apply to programs confirmed on shorter notice. All additional services contracted during the execution of the group must be paid prior to the group arrival or to be guaranteed by the client (credit card preauthorization or other form of guarantee) unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.
All invoices are due and payable in quoted currency by bank transfer or Credit card /Visa, Mastercard/, inclusive of all bank and handling charges.

Upon confirmation of the group and signing of the agreement , we will provide a complimentary site inspection services (for max 2 persons and max 2 nights): thus including local transfers, hotel and venue inspections, meals as related into the program, a representative from the our side throughout.

All cancellation will be advised on a case to case basis and included in the contract, according the size and specifics of the requested services, as well as to the contracted documentation with the third parties

All claims will be discussed and resolved on spot with the Supplier`s coordinator who is obliged to contribute to the favorable resolving of the situation for both Parties. In case that the claims cannot be satisfied on spot from the Supplier, the Buyer will claim in writing not later than 48 hours after the arising of the reason for the claim. For every single case of claim a written statement will be made, signed both from the Supplier and the Buyer. The signed written statement will be considered as confirmed claim and the Supplier is obliged to pay penalties. The total amount of the penalties cannot be more than 5% of the total amount of the contract.

The Parties shall not be held liable for failure to fulfil their respective obligations under the terms of this Agreement or undue fulfilment resulting from any Force Majeure, to be properly documented.